Help End Hunger in Boone County

Together we can make our community stronger.

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The Belvidere Boone County Food Pantry's mission is to provide food, clothing, and other household products to the needy in Boone County. We desire to be a bridge to help transition those facing hard times until they become self-sufficient. Our goal is to give people hope and to make a difference in their lives.

This is impossible, however, without your help. Although the economy is improving, thousands across Boone County continue to face the difficult choices that poverty brings. Nobody should have to choose between paying for food or paying for rent. Between paying for medicine or putting dinner on the table for their children. Your commitment to Boone County means that fewer people have to make these impossible choices.

Your gift of $100 will provide 185 meals, clothing for 6 family members, household supplies for 2 families, and gifts for 2 children. This year, your gift can make an incredible difference.

We invite you to consider making a monthly donation. Your recurring gift, month after month, will provide individuals and families living in poverty the assurance of continued food security. Our goal at the Belvidere Boone County Food Pantry is to ensure that not only are our hungry neighbors fed, but also that they can get the clothing, furniture, household products, and other daily essentials that they need at no cost to them. This allows our clients to use the funds they have to keep them on track financially and hopefully push them into a position of self-sufficiency once again.

Your generosity changes lives. Thank you.

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